About Us

Visneta is like a dating service for everyone in the real estate industry. It works to connect multiple sectors of the industry including real estate marketing, services, and project management in one online platform. One place where Landscaper meets asset manager and broker meets buyer. Real Estate and Property Management professionals are increasingly turning to technology to efficiently manage day to day work flow. Visneta aids both small and large firm’s rapid growth by virtue of an incredible web and mobile platform accessible from anywhere. The secure platform provides efficiencies, creative solutions and scalability to any real estate professional. It does all the heavy lifting required to connect decision makers with the best solution providers. Visneta sifts through the overwhelming data to find the best professional at the best price. Visneta works from both sides of the market, simply and swiftly answering the question: “Who is the best person to get the job done?”

The Visneta application was designed and developed to support property management and asset management contracts for large government contracts. Visneta is versatile and scalable providing a significant benefit to large portfolio management with thousands of assets it can also manage a small portfolio with one asset. All design and development for Visneta has been carefully planned around quick and simple customization without impacting existing portfolios. Technology like Visneta allow companies to approach common issues in an innovative fashion.